Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trade: Accounting Help for Easter Flowers

While I do my own bookkeeping, I have a great accountant (Pam) that is always willing to answer questions and give advice when I need help. She never charges me to answer questions, although she could. So, lately, I’ve needed more help than normal, especially with the purchase of the Transit Connect. In return for being so helpful, I thought I would bring Pam some Easter flowers.

IMG_0514 I brought her a little marinade jar full of daffodils from my yard. While they would have looked nice in the arrangement with the tulips and star of Bethlehem, daffodils don’t play nice with other flowers. Cut daffodils actually give off a sap that is toxic to other cut flowers. So, while they look great in mixed spring bouquets, it’s better to arrange them separately.

I also brought a bucket of cut tulips and star of Bethlehem that I picked up from Locust Point Flowers at the Waverly Market this morning.


Since cut flowers may only last a week or two, I also brought some potted, organic herbs that I picked up from Reid’s Orchard including lemon thyme, oregano and sweet lavender.


  Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring Everyone!


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