Sunday, April 4, 2010

Things I’ll Do this Spring and Summer

I am not going to use this blog as my Things To Do List. I have an extensive Things To Do List that keeps me on track but I won’t bore you with the details (the pages and pages of details) There are however, a few fun To Do’s that I’m planning on tackling this Spring and Summer that thought I’d share with you.

1. Go visit the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market and have breakfast with Dave and Bob.

Two of our growers, Farmhouse Flowers and Wollam Gardens, have stands at the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings. I hear it’s a great market with loads of great vendors and food and FLOWERS!

2. Go to the National Arboretum

I live so close, but I’ve never been. Besides have beautiful gardens and exhibits, they also have free classes and moonlit hikes!

3. Go to Longwood Gardens

I’ve wanted to go to Longwood Gardens for years. With it’s over 1000 acres of gardens, it sounds like a dream. This May, the ASCFG is holding it’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting at Longwood Gardens. The Regional Meeting is a great opportunity to connect with growers, learn about new flowers they’re growing and and this time…a chance to get a behind the scenes tour of Longwood Gardens. I can’t wait!

4. Flower arranging class for ladies at Martha’s Place.

Martha’s Place, a nonprofit in West Baltimore’s neighborhood of Sandtown has a special place in my heart. There are so many reasons I can’t name them all…but here are a few: they do extraordinary work; the people who work there are truly committed and wonderful; they make a positive difference in women’s lives and in their community…oh yeah, and they have a KICK ASS GARDEN!

Anyway, on Wednesday nights, volunteers can sign up to make dinner for the ladies and then do a “presentation”. I’m hoping to do a B-more Local night-where we make dinner from local ingredients and then have a local flower arranging class. Email me if you’d like to help.

4. Go to Black Ankle Vineyard for dinner

Finally, (do you think this list is too ambitious?) I’m going to go to Blank Ankle for one of their Sunday evening Pasta Dinners. They sound fab and the wine isn’t bad either!


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