Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekly Flower CSA at Local Color Flowers


Get in on the fun! Local Color Flowers is offering an awesome, local flower CSA this summer!

Here’s how it works. You’ll sign up for our Flower CSA online or by phone at 410-262-1494 and make a onetime payment of $200. Then on ten different Wednesday evenings throughout the summer and early fall (dates listed below) you’ll stop by our studio from 4:30-7 PM and pickup a gorgeous, seasonal bouquet . The flowers and foliage in your bouquet will always be locally grown and we’ll even tell you which farms each flower came from so you know you that you really are supporting your local community.

Your bouquet will be wrapped up in pretty paper, but we won’t be supplying vases.  If you’d like to keep your flowers hydrated on the ride home, you’re welcome to bring your own vase or bucket. If you forget, mason jars will be available for $2.

Since we know you’re busy, we will send you an email reminder every other week so you don’t forget to pickup your flowers. Because you will have already paid for your CSA flowers at the beginning of the season, your pickups will be quick and easy. In no time at all, you’ll be cruising with your local blooms and a smile on your face. You’ll probably even get home in time to catch the O’s game.

What’s not to love?

Local Color Flowers 2013 CSA Dates:

June 5th

June 19th

July 3rd

July 17th

August 7th

August 21st

September 4th

September 18th

October 2nd

October 13th

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Pop Up Market! SO MUCH FUN!

We had a great day today at our May pop-up market! Thanks to everyone who came out to support Urban Farmhouse and Local Color Flowers. We had such a great mix of friends, neighbors, kids, dogs, new clients and total strangers come over and hang out, chit chat, buy flowers and veggies…It was a beautiful thing!


A whole lot going on at LoCoFlo!


Chrissa from Urban Farmhouse selling veggies!


We got a little work done during the pop up!


Irene made a gorgeous arrangement (loosely) based on one of Studio Choo’s  “recipes”!


And we sold lots of flowers!

Happy May everyone!