Sunday, April 11, 2010

Local Friday Fun in Hampden

flamingo.jpgWho doesn’t love Fridays? Most of this past Friday was spent in Hampden meeting with brides and vendors.

First off, I stopped by to say hi to my friends at Patchwork Catering. Chef Jacki and Chef Tom are my kind of people. They used to live in San Francisco, they love cooking with and promoting local food and they are just plain fun! After doing the personal chef thing for a few years, they  moved their kitchen to Hampden and started Patchwork Catering. If you’re in Hampden, (or even if you’re not) you should stop by and see them!

Next, I was off to Puffs and Pastries to meet the lovely ladies from Jill Andrews Gowns and eat delish treats! Jill and Sara from Jill Andrews Gowns were a pleasure to meet and chat with. Many of their core values as a company are the same as LoCoFlo’s. Each gown is custom made in their shop (their shop is to die for!) to reflect the wearer’s personality and preferences. We have several brides this year that are working with Jill and Sara either on their gowns, custom alterations or other really lovely accessories like hairpieces and wraps. While we talked  over cupcakes and sandwiches, we couldn’t help but be excited about momentum and excitement around small, local Baltimore businesses. I’m looking forward to working with them in the future.

I finished the day by meeting a fantastic couple who are getting married this summer and are interested in using locally grown flowers, fruits and veggies for their centerpieces. We talked about their style, interests and the feel they want to for their wedding. We also talked about opportunities for them to donate the centerpieces after the wedding was over. I love talking with progressive, thoughtful, loving couples who are planning the biggest day of their lives while also giving consideration to the less fortunate and to the earth. They inspire me.

Overall, a beautiful day in Baltimore.


  1. Great blog Ellen. I'd like to hang out in that dress shop I think.

  2. Thanks! They are in the Hampden Village Center (the old Northern District Police Station). It was absolutely beautiful. I was so jealous (and told them so!)

  3. It was such a pleasure to meet you, Ellen! Jill and I were so impressed with you, your work and your vision. We see beautiful things in our future!

  4. Jill Andrews Gowns delivers that rare blend of style and exquisite dressmaking, a specialty that every woman needs to experience at least once in her life. There's nothing as personal or uniquely stated as a corseted ensemble fitted just for you. Jill and Sara will dress you like royalty. How divine!