Saturday, March 20, 2010

LoCoFlo Mobile…put in your two cents!

LoCoFlo Mobile Option #1


LoCoFlo bought a Ford Transit Connect yesterday! It’s perfect!  Plenty of cargo room, easy to drive in the city and pretty cool looking.

So now that we’ve go it, we need to give it a little LoCoFlo TLC.

We asked Young Kim to help us with the design. Young designed the LoCoFlo logo last year (which we love) so we were excited that she agreed to take on the Transit Connect.

I thought it might be fun to share our preliminary designs with you. Leave a comment and let you know what you think!

LoCoFlo Mobile #2


LoCoFlo Mobile #3


LoCoFlo Mobile #4



  1. I like option 3! Simple and bright.

  2. I love #1 but the logo gets kind of lost. My favorite is # 4 -- the green is great and the logo really stands out. Congratulations, Ellen -- i can just see you tooling around in your new Locoflo wheels!

  3. #4 is the cleanest and clearist. It will be very noticable and eyecatching!
    Go locoflo!

  4. I pick #3 - It's darling! The truck too!

  5. I love #1 as well but agree the logo stands out better on #4. Glad to see you have a new vehicle for spring!!

  6. Thanks for all the great comments and congratulations! I'm really excited for it! We'll probably have a final go round with the designs before we make the final decision. I'll keep you up to date as it gets a little further along!

  7. Late on the bandwagon, but I also like number 3. Very hip :)

  8. Number one with bigger font, bright colors attract more attention. :)

  9. #1 is probably my favorite visually, but I agree that #3 might be best for showing off the logo while keeping the fun color!

    I love them all really!

  10. i love#1 but the logo really needs to be bigger.#4 is my next favorite. i really like the green.