Friday, March 19, 2010

Daphne! Sweet, Sweet Daphne!


Wherever you live, I’m sure you have your own special indications that Spring has arrived. For me, since I’ve lived in this little house on the hill, my Spring sign has been the blooming of this beautiful Daphne.

IMG_0450 Ok, it may not look like much. It may just look like any other random shrub on the side of your house. But it’s not. It’s beautiful and it has the sweetest smelling flower blooms ever!

When I walk out my front door, early in the spring, I can smell it. And no matter what the weather, I have to go to it, and smell it, and love it. It makes me happier than I can explain. Of course there are other more noticeable signs of spring. Daffodils and crocus. I love them too. But they can’t compare to my Daphne.

What are your signs of Spring?


  1. Daffodils. Boring answer but the truth. Also, I like when I start to see my sedum coming up. I saw it today!

  2. I love to see my sedum coming up too. They looks so strange just peaking out of the ground-like little cabbage or brussel sprouts. I love clearing away the leaf litter and finding them!