Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Real Weddings: Tracey and Kevin

Tracey and Kevin are one of the most photogenic couples we’ve worked with. When I first saw Photographer Jay Moore’s photos, all I could think was “this couple looks SO happy!” Pure love and happiness seemed to be oozing out of them.

When Tracey first contacted us, she said her colors were coral and champagne. She sent us some inspiration pictures so we would know what color coral she was thinking about. Apparently, coral can be a wide range of colors. We looked to Charm City Bride for some additional inspiration. Coral isn't pink. It isn't peach. It isn't orange. It's coral. Asking the farmers for coral flowers was...challenging. Most of them said they didn't know what coral was-or they had their own idea of what coral was. That being said, we picked what we thought looked the most coral and kept our fingers crossed. On their own, some of the flowers looked too pink (the snapdragons), some looked too orange (the statice)...but miracle of all miracles...we mixed them all up..and they turned out perfect! Actually, they turned out more than perfect because we got to use Wollam Gardens first batch of Kordes ROSES!!!

The Bride’s bouquet was made up of a variety of colored Kordes roses, white dahlias and peach statice.

The table arrangement was made from Kordes roses, snapdragons, white dahlias and peach statice.

Congratulations to Tracey and Kevin!

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