Thursday, September 24, 2009

LoCoFlo Gives Back: Martha’s Place

On Tuesday, I was super excited to donate  flowers for Martha’s Place 9th Anniversary Fundraiser. Martha’s Place is a fabulous non-profit in West Baltimore that serves women in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The folks that run Martha’s Place; Todd Marcus, the Harris’,  Angela Long and the rest of their team are really phenomenal. They are tireless advocates for women in need. I am so proud to know them and to be associated with them.

I loved making the  little vase arrangements that were put on the tables.




One of the great joys of visiting Martha’s Place is the real feeling of peace you feel in the midst of all of the urban ills that plagues inner city communities throughout Baltimore.

IMG_0580 Memorial Garden and Mural on the corner of Pennsylvania and Presstman

IMG_0587 Inside Martha’s Garden


Beauty in West Baltimore


To learn more about the great work being done at Martha’s Place, email me or contact Todd Marcus at


  1. Ellen and LoCoFlo,

    Thanks again for your generosity to provide your beautiful flowers for our event for Martha's Place. They looked beautiful and I was fortunate to enjoy one of the displays on my desk in the days following the event. Really nice blog too. Would love to get copies of the photos of your flowers in our garden under the tent.

  2. Hey Todd,

    It was my pleasure to donate the flowers. You guys at Martha's Place ROCK! Thank you for the great work that you do. I hope that people will read the blog-and check you out! I'll send you the pictures too...

  3. i really appreciate Martha's Place Im a 2010 graduate and that place saved my life. This message is from Kathryn Lovejoy

  4. Congratulations Kathryn! Keep up the good work!