Friday, September 4, 2009

LoCoFlo in Paris: Marche aux Fleurs

When planning our trip to Paris, I was excited that the Marche aux Fleurs (or Paris Flower Market) was within walking distance of our apartment. The guidebook made it sound like such a treat "the stalls are ablaze with color" "artists and photographers love to capture the Flower Market on canvas and film". What a bust! As you can see from the picture-no color-not really any flowers-no artists...There we alot of potted plants, bookmarks with flowers on them, weird little french gnomes for your garden...but no flowers to speak of.

The florist shops and farmers markets however, are on just about every corner and they are filled with beautiful, colorful flowers!

The Dahlia's have been my favorite!

I also have been loving the hydrangeas...

And these long stemmed, ornamental peppers...(MD/VA farmers, if you're reading, GROW THESE!)


  1. Thanks! It's partly my new camera..but mostly the flowers are just spectacular!