Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Go Green…Recycle

Having a “Green” wedding can mean lots of things to lots of people. One way we love to help brides and other clients reduce their Wedding footprint is by using recycled “vases”.

Here are some recycled vases we’ve used

Orangina bottles: You know Orangina-that weird European orange juice/soda with the bright blue label…These are perfect for cocktail tables or other small spots.


Wine bottles: Here’s a great excuse to drink wine. Save your bottles, no matter the color or size and then reuse them with your favorite flowers.

Wine bottle


Mason Jars

mason jar cathy

mason jar

Tin Cans




Baby food jars

baby food

In an effort to get folks to recycle, if you “donate” a set of 15 of matching recycled containers to LoCoFlo, we’ll give you a free flower arrangement. (15 spaghetti jars, 15 orangina bottle, 15 jam jars…just not wine bottles-since we drink enough wine to have a pretty steady inventory!)

Do you have some examples of your own of recycled “vases”? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you!


  1. Other ideas include spice jars and olive oil bottles!

  2. You can even try coffee cans or vintage glass milk bottles.

  3. I love these ideas - especially the tin can idea, how clever - I'm definitely using this idea at my next event!!

  4. I love it! So creative and socially conscious. I'm going to start saving my jam jars - I want a locoflo arrangement!