Sunday, September 27, 2009

LoCoFlo in Paris: Versailles Gardens

While we were in Paris a few weeks ago, our one trip out of the city was to Versailles. From the outside, the Palace is pretty awesome. Inside, there were all sorts of crazy historical…stuff. While I liked touring around Louis’ bedrooms, dining rooms, sitting rooms, galleries and on and on…I kept gravitating toward the window to get a glimpse of the gardens.

The Versailles Gardens are the real thing. They are old school formal like you only see in books. Usually formal gardens are not my style, but there is really no way to not to love this garden.

IMG_0393 First, the size. The Gardens themselves take up 250 acres! We were there for a whole day and didn’t get to see everything.

IMG_0461 Next, the flowers. There are formal beds with formal flowers like roses and dahlias.



There were also formally laid out beds filled with wild flowers and herbs.



There were loads of fountains and a boat lake and formally cut arbors. There we even cafes hidden in the trees…

Versailles-definitely my favorite French garden (so far…)


  1. I was there in March 2000 - I need to go back in the summer or later in the spring to check out the gardens, how beautiful!

  2. We were lucky to be there when we were. I wonder what the spring gardens look like though? I read that they plant an average of 210,000 new flowers every year-I guess that could mean that its always changing.