Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Urban Composting at Real Food Farm

Composting is so cool! You basically take trash and turn it into a nutrient rich soil amendment. Composting keeps organic waste out of trash bags and landfills will enriching the soil with nutrients that will improve the health of your plants.

While many people (and some businesses like Local Color Flowers) compost, many others don’t because they don’t know how and/or they don’t have space.

Real Food Farm has the answer! Real Food Farm, located in Clifton Park in Baltimore City wants your compost. They’ve created a pretty cool compost station next to their hoop houses to accept the community’s compost.

LoCoFlo drops flower scraps/and flower waste off there whenever we run out of room at home. It’s easy, quick and it helps out a growing urban farm. 

photo (2)

Here is list of the do’s and don’ts of dropping off compost.

What they CAN accept for compost:

  • fruit & vegetable scraps, coffee grounds & tea bags, dry grains
  • egg shells (but NOT eggs)
  • fresh leaves, green plants, prunings, hedge trimmings, grass clippings, old potting soil, straw and hay, dry leaves, dead plants (not diseased please)
  • flower bouquets & dried flowers
  • feathers
  • brewery waste (hops & wet grains)
  • nut shells, corn cobs
  • wood ash & sawdust

What they  CANNOT accept for compost:

  • meat or fish bones or scraps
  • eggs, cheese or dairy products
  • fats, oils, or grease
  • animal waste
  • invasive weeds
  • weeds with seeds
  • diseased plants
  • “compostable” bags, plates and utensils
  • non-organic materials (such as plastic, metal, glass, etc.)

If you stop over at Real Food Farm’s composting station let us know! we’d love to hear about it!

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