Thursday, February 3, 2011

Does Your Florist Compost? Local Color Flowers Does!

You might be thinking-why should I care if my florist composts? There are lots of reasons why composting is awesome and lots of reasons you should choose a florist that composts.
Floral design creates loads and loads for floral “trash”. All of the leaves, stems, branches and even flowers that don’t get used get discarded at the end of the day. We can create about 20lbs of (10 buckets, bags or boxes depending on what we are using that day) of “trash” per event. What might be trash to other florists is the fuel that keeps our gardens, and our friends gardens and our clients gardens so pretty.
Compost is really just decomposed natural refuse like plant materials, fruit and veggie leftovers, grass clippings and more. At Local Color Flowers we take all of the leftover “stuff” from your wedding flowers and we stick it in a bin with some food scraps, leaves and water and then we turn it every once in a while.
By the time your first anniversary comes around all those scraps have turned into something that looks a lot like soil. It smells fresh and it’s loaded up with all sorts of goodies that plants and flowers need to thrive. Once it’s strained (since those dang curly willow take forever to break down) the compost can be used as a fertilizer for garden plants/flowers or house plants and flowers.
What do florists do with all that stuff if they don’t compost? I don’t know. I’m guessing they just bag it up as trash and put it out to the curb for garbage pick-up. What a waste! Look at all this wonderful “black gold”!
IMG_1731Want to give your spouse a little bag of LoCoFlo compost for your anniversary? Just give us a call and we’ll hook you up!

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