Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flooded with Vintage Lace from A Beloved Grandmother

One of LoCoFlo’s new year’s resolutions was to step up our bouquet wraps this year. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve done some really fun bouquet wraps! (yes, that is a bike cog!)

But I  was hoping to make bouquet wraps more of a statement this year. I have been searching around estate sales and flea markets for interesting lace or ribbon…Truthfully, I  haven’t found much that caught my attention.

A few weeks ago, one of our design assistants mentioned that she was cleaning out her grandmother’s house. She was trying to sell or give away a lot of what was there. I asked her if she had any lace or doilies- I mean any grandmom’s house should have some lace and doilies right?

I almost cried today when I opened the bags Irene dropped off.


Not only was the lace beautiful, but I was so touched that Irene would share it with us. This is what she told me about it.

“my grandmother was a seamstress so i have a lot of cool fabrics & trims - not to mention some amazing dresses!
The story is that when she was 14 she took her mother's lace table cloth and cut it up to make a dress. Big trouble!
She would love that we are continuing to be creative with her stuff.”

I can’t lie. I miss my gram every, single day. I am so excited that we are using Irene’s gram’s lace with our flowers. It’s a great reminder that “vintage” often times means…from someone we love.

Thanks Irene!

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