Sunday, January 13, 2013

Urban Flower Farming Has Come to Baltimore

Urban farming is all the rage in Baltimore. From small pocket farms, to larger spaces with hoop houses and greenhouses, urban farms have found success in a proud city that values being a little… different….in a good way.

For years, I had been hearing about Great Kids Farm, Real Food Farm and then Big City Farms. Their produce is delish and their goals and values seemed great. While I continued to hear great things about all of these farms, I kept wondering why no one had decided to grow flowers.

I know that much of the urban farm movement is about food justice and food sustainability, (which is right on), but I had to believe that some aspiring urban farmer would break the mold and choose flowers.

I’m excited to say, finally, it’s happening.  Introducing Butterbee Farm! I first met Laura Beth, owner of Butterbee Farm when we met a few months ago to discuss flowers for her sister’s upcoming wedding. As soon as we sat down, we started talking about farming and flower farming. Laura Beth had been a rural produce farmer, but was interested in finding space to farm in the city. Her excitement about flowers was evident as we talked. We discussed existing models, markets and more.

Last week, Laura Beth found out that her application to lease farm land in Reservoir Hill was approved…and Butterbee Farm was born. This year the farm will be planted with cover crops while Laura Beth grows on some space at Whitelock Community Farm. Next year, Butterbee Farm will start it’s first full year of production on it’s own land.

I’m beyond excited about this new endeavor. I’m thrilled that Local Color Flowers will have an uber local farm to buy flowers from (they will be less than 3 miles from us!). I’m also really inspired to see a determined young woman go out on a limb to try something that she’s passionate about.

If you’re interested in buying flowers from Butterbee Farm this year, they’ll be available as part of the Whitelock Farm CSA or at the Whitelock Community Farm farm stand. We’ll also be buying as much as we can to support Butterbee Farm! 

Stay tuned folks! I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more from Butterbee Farm in the future!

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