Thursday, July 12, 2012

Worth the Drive

photoThis past Tuesday, like most Tuesdays, I got in the LoCoRoll and drive the 35 miles to Chevy Chase, Maryland. I don’t love driving, but I’m always loaded up with a good audio book to listen to. For the past few weeks, I’ve had Keith Richards 22 CD autobiography called Life to keep me entertained.

When I arrive in Chevy Chase I try to find a parking spot-usually behind this Chipotle that has free parking. There I wait for Bob Wollam’s beat up mini van to arrive. When he arrives, we open up the sliding door to his van to check out this week’s offerings from Wollam Gardens. Each week the van if full of amazing flowers, foliage, branches and berries. Some things I order in advance, other things I choose just because he’s got them and they look great! This week I loaded up on dahlias and lisianthus for this weekend’s events.

Then, Bob and I sit on the edge of our respective vans, with the sliding doors open, chatting and working out the bill. This week we talked about lisianthus-what colors he’s growing, why he’s not growing others. We looked at photos of flowers that our friends at Love ‘n Fresh Flowers are growing in Philly, chatted about any new flowers that might be available next week and made plans to check in in a few days to determine next weeks order.

Then I paid my bill and headed back to Baltimore. These weekly interactions with the farmers-sharing stories, catching up and and learning more about flowers is what makes this job so unique…and so much fun!

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