Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Locavore Weddings!

Find-Flavor-Web-Ad-12SummerI’m so excited that Local Color Flowers is featured in Flavor Magazine’s article on Locavore Weddings. When I actually saw the magazine recently I was even more thrilled! It’s beautiful, inspiring and a real celebration of the wonderful offerings of Maryland and Virginia.

Buying local for weddings and events is not a trend. It’s not a fad. It’s actually part of an overall lifestyle that celebrates home cooking, pride in your hometown, real relationships with farmers and small businesses and a desire to incorporate that commitment into all aspects of your life, including your wedding.

I loved reading about some of my friends from Wollam Gardens as well as learning about other great vendors that focus on providing local products and services for weddings and events. And while I’m not trying to make it all about ME-I was happy there was a focus on flowers in the article. Often times, flowers seem to take a back seat to produce, meat and wine. I’m glad the folks a Flavor highlighted so many great growers/designers using local flowers.

Here’s what they wrote about flowers!

“Local flowers can diminish your environmental impact even further. At Local Color Flowers in Baltimore, owner Ellen Frost works only with Maryland and Virginia growers to assemble her arrangements. Inspired by Amy Stewart’s book “Flower Confidential,” which uncovers the complex and environmentally grueling international flower trade, Frost instead supports local growers, eliminating weeks between the moment a flower is pulled from the earth and the moment it touches a bride’s hands. Because Frost visits so many local growers each week, she’s able to provide significant variety. Even winter produces interesting textures of greenery, branches, and berries. She also provides couples with flowers in bulk and hosts DIY flower parties to teach attendants how to make their own bouquets.

Centerpieces can outlive the wedding weekend: “One of my couples did a lot of flowering bulbs, potted herbs, and succulents on the tables,” Frost says. “When the wedding was over, they took them home and planted a wedding garden in their yard.” If your flowers are cut, ask your florist to help you donate them to a local hospital or senior center.”

In addition to the article, Flavor has created a Locavore Wedding Resource Guide. This is a great place to find vendors and businesses for your upcoming wedding or event. Check it out!

Thanks Flavor Magazine!

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