Monday, July 9, 2012

Out On the Town at Chef Beej’s Underground Dinner

Trust me when I say, I like to go to sleep early. I especially like to go to sleep early (7pm last Saturday) when we have a busy weekend at LoCoFlo. A few Saturday’s ago, Eric and I got dressed up and headed out on a Saturday night to Chef Beej Flamjolz’s Underground Tasting Dinner!

I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had never been to a dinner like this (all I kept thinking was that it was going to be like being on Top Chef-which made me feel fancy! ).  The location was kept secret until the day before.  Turns out, dinner was in the old Smith and Hawken building in Mt Washington. It was a beautiful location for dinner-lots of windows, cool architecture and great looking tables filled with…lettuce boxes!

We filled our new barn wood boxes from Farmhouse Flowers up with local lettuce plants from Plant Masters and used them for centerpieces along the long farm tables at the dinner.



It was fun to see see people’s reactions to them! Everyone was touching them, smelling them (we added some herbs in there too!) and even tasting them. It was great to have such “interactive” centerpieces! (FYI our barn wood boxes are available to rent!)


The food at the 5 course tasting dinner was AWESOME! I was afraid being vegetarian that I wouldn’t be able to eat much. NOT true! Chef Beej made some super delicious gazpacho, sopes and even seitan for the vegetarians! The meat options were equally delicious  so said Eric).

I loved everything about the dinner. I loved that Chef Beej explained how each dish was made and where each of the ingredients came from.


I loved that Eric and I got to share the meal with our friends Chef’s Jacki and Tom from Patchwork Catering. It’s a real treat to go out on a Saturday night during the busy season and visit with friends and eat delish food.


For those of you looking for a unique, Baltimore dining experience, I would HIGHLY recommend one of Chef Beej’s Underground dinner’s! You can learn more at Beej’s website. I cant wait for the next one!  Hope to see you there!

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