Monday, October 17, 2011

September’s “You Deserve A Bouquet Today” Contest Winner: Diana

 Diana 2

We are so thrilled this month to be celebrating a very special woman!  Diana’s family and friends submitted 3 nominations for her this month. Here are some of the great things people had to say about Diana:

My sister, Diana, is a ray of sunshine always brightening other people's day.  It would be a great brighten her day and surprise her with a bouquet just in time for her October 4 birthday. 

-Diana’s sister Trish

Diana is a beautiful caring amazing woman and mother. Being a mother of 4 is busy enough, but when one of those 4 has extremely special needs it can be daunting. Di faces each day with such an uplifting and positive outlook, she is an inspiration to all who know her. She deserves a special treat!


The third nomination was the winner!

My sister has 4 children and one of her children, Tucker has special needs. She has tirelessly cared for him through many difficult times and has advocated for him for the past 14 years. She remains optimistic and loving through it all and is always willing to share a laugh or tear!

-Diana’s sister Cynthia

Being a mom is hard work. Sometimes a bouquet of flowers is the perfect way to remind a hard working mom of how appreciated she, how valued she is and how inspiring she is to so many people.

Congratulations Diana! I’m so glad that Local Color Flowers could share some beauty with you today! You deserve it!

Nominations are being accepted for October’s ‘You Deserve a Bouquet Today” Contest. Check out our website to submit a nomination.

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