Wednesday, October 26, 2011

LoCoFlo in Vermont

Michael and Rob are getting married this coming weekend in rural Vermont. They wanted to bring local boutonnieres with them for their most special day. They wanted something that wouldn’t wilt and looked seasonal.


I made these matching boutonnieres out of broom corn, winterberry and my prized poppy pods!

Side note about the poppy pods: Locust Point Flowers tried for the first time this year to grow poppy pods for us. While they worked, it was a small harvest-only 50 stems. I dried them and have been hoarding them. Saving them for special occasions. What better special occasion than Michael and Rob’s rural, Vermont Wedding!

I also made a curly willow bouquet for the “flower girl” (a woman my age!) with ribbon to tie the rings to.


Congratulations to Michael and Rob on their marriage! Looking forward to seeing photos from the big day!