Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkins and More Pumpkins!

This past weekend was all about PUMPKINS! White pumpkins to be exact. The idea was to use the pumpkins as the vessel for the centerpieces. For Saturday’s wedding at Historic London Town and Gardens we used deep, Fall colors with contrasting silvery greens. The pumpkins were filled with dahlias, dusty miller, eucalyptus, coxcomb, beauty berries, winterberry, gomphrena and curly willow. They looked great on the burlap runners.


We also had some small potted succulents, gourds, dahlias and curly willow on the reception tables to compliment the pumpkins.


Sunday’s bride also chose white pumpkins for her centerpieces. While the style was the same, the color scheme was totally different. Antique white, cream, dusty pink, lavender and silver green created beautiful, soft seasonal arrangements.

These arrangements were filled with dahlias, eucalyptus, dusty miller, tiger grass, coxcomb, beauty berry and gomphrena.


My favorite element of this weekends weddings had to be the hanging pumpkins we used for Sunday’s ceremony. When I first met with the bride and her family, the idea of hanging pumpkins came out of my mouth before I fully thought it through. Once it was time to make them-my big concern was-would the hold or would they be too heavy and come crashing to the ground.  They worked like a charm! I bought smaller pumpkins for the hangers, cleaned them out and put a jam sized mason jar filled with flowers inside of it. I then made two small holes on either side of the pumpkin near the bottom. I strung a heavy gage, bark wrapped wire through the holes making a hanger. That was it! They were awesome! I would highly recommend these little babies for a Fall wedding next year!

IMG_3406 Thanks to all the growers who provided us with such beautiful flowers this week including Farmhouse Flowers, Wollam Gardens, Locust Point Flowers and Talmar. Special thanks to Richardson Farms in White Marsh for providing us with an entire van full of white pumpkins. Thanks to Eric, Carla, Tiffany and Heather who helped clean ALOT of pumpkins and make these beautiful arrangements.

Special thanks to Meredith and Ian and Lauren and John for choosing Local Color Flowers and for allowing us to be super creative with their wedding flowers!

If you’re interested in a pumpkin arrangement this Fall or for you Thanksgiving centerpiece, let me know. I think there will be more pumpkins in our future!

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