Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Real Weddings: Claude and Bill

Claude and Bill were officially LoCoFlo’s last wedding of 2009. I loved this wedding for so many reasons. First, Claude is awesome! When I met her and her lovely mom over the summer, I knew right away that we would hit it off. Sometimes you just know. She wanted a similar style and colors of Janell and Eric’s wedding from July but with Fall flowers. Being partial to orange (which I’ve probably mentioned that once or 10 times) I was excited about the vision.

0014Claude Bill-3487I was even more excited when Claude came over to my house one night to deliver her almost 40 eclectic Ikea pots. I knew this was a girl after my own heart. She had all sorts of pots in all sorts of colors and shapes.  She also said she was going to have homemade candles (that she made herself) made out of wood chunks and bike chains!


The wedding day itself was slightly chaotic for LoCoFlo. Marina delivered flowers for Lexi and Matt’s morning wedding down in Ellicott City while I made final preparations for Claude’s flowers. For some reason, I thought I could do the delivery myself. I was sadly mistaken. First, I could fit about 25% of the flowers in my car (which is why i need a new ride!). Plus, it was POURING rain. I mean…pouring. So, luckily my great friend Marina agreed to come back and help.

So we arrived at just in time for a torrential downpour and wind storm. But the weather could not dampen the spirit of this beautiful bride. I can’t lie when I say that both she and I got a little teary when I told her about where her flowers came from. I told her about Bill Harlan of Belvedere Farm who covered the dahlias with blankets to protect them from the cold for her wedding. I also told her about John MeKeown from Locust Point Flowers, crawling on his hands and knees (in the rain) to cut the last of the sweet smelling Scented Geranium for her bouquet. These flowers were definitely brought to her with love.

0226Claude Bill-3732 0137Claude Bill-3630

Marina and I ended the day eating burritos (soaking wet) at Chipotle…marveling over what a long, strange (exciting) year it had been.

Congratulations Claude and Bill! Thanks for being so fabulous!

Thanks to Jerry Mobbs for the great photos.

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