Monday, December 21, 2009

LoCoFlo Needs a Ride

Since we started, LoCoFlo has delivered flowers in lots of different vehicles including 0ur personal cars, our friends cars, borrowed mini-vans and rented vans. Most have been adequate (Marina’s car, my car), some have even been good (Chris’s mini van, Carla’s Rogue) but none have been ideal.


I don’t  want to buy a vehicle right now (even though we need one). I already have a car. It’s just too small for most of what I need. I could trade it in, but I like my little car- especially for day to day driving.  I’m also trying to target our resources on some other things this year (marketing materials, staffing, space) Maybe when my Scion finally dies it will make sense, but right now, I’m not convinced that’s the answer. Unless…

I could buy a car  and share it with someone or several someones.  My friend Jordan shares a car with some one her neighbors. It could be a logistical challenge, but it would be less expensive and could work since I wouldn’t need the ride all the time.

I’m also looking into the Zipcars  at Hopkins. It would be convenient, it’s pretty cost effective and they have some larger vehicles. They also offer a business membership which would allow us to have our designers and delivery folks on the same account.

What do you think? Does anyone else have any other creative ideas?

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