Monday, December 28, 2009

Real Weddings: Shauna and Mark

Shauna & Mark Shauna and Mark were a joy to work with. When I met them back in December 2008, they were excited about their wedding, but not that interested in the flowers. They had some ideas and colors, but basically they said…do whatever-just make it look nice.  We love when couples say that!

The bouquets were made up of dahlias, celosia, salvia and scented geranium from Locust Point Flowers and Belvedere Farm. We also used nandina berries from our friend Kathy York at Scarborough Farm.  The colors looked great against the girls green dresses.

Shauna & Mark

Shauna & Mark

The wedding was held at the Cloisters on a perfect Fall day.

Shauna & Mark

Shauna had collected over 70 pieces of depression era glassware that we used for the centerpieces and to decorate the reception area. Each table was uniquely decorated and looked perfect in the space.

Shauna & Mark

Shauna & Mark The cake, decorated by Jen Bryant, was covered in deep red dahlias, antiquing hydrangeas, and nandina berries.

Shauna & Mark

I guess we did good! It’s always great to get a note like this from a bride!

“I think you probably know by my reaction that I loved the flowers :)  They were absolutely stunning.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, a million times thank you!  I don't know if you remember that when we first met I didn't really "care" about the flowers because all flowers are beautiful and I knew that whatever flowers we had would be lovely.  But I was so wrong. Probably because I didn't know flowers could be that pretty!!  And they smelled amazing.  The bouquets, the boutonnieres, the cake (oh my gosh - the cake!) and centerpieces - everything - just perfect.”

Congratulations to Shauna and Mark!

Special thanks to Carol Masica for the great photos!

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