Thursday, November 7, 2013

2013 CSA…Success! Looking Ahead to 2014!

IMG_3606One of our goals here at Local Color Flowers is to help more people enjoy locally grown flowers on a regular basis. Finding locally grown flowers at the grocery store isn’t always easy and in some communities, it’s nearly impossible. The thought behind our 2013 Flower CSA was to connect urban folks with flower farmers so that they could experience flowers throughout the seasons.

As with any new project, we weren’t sure what to expect. The plan was to provide mixed bouquets twice  a month for 5 months. Each bouquet would have a tag describing the types of flowers that were in the bouquet and what farms they came from . We started with peonies in early June and finished up in October with some of the most beautiful dahlias I’ve ever seen.  We partnered with JHU’s Space Telescope Science Institute to have a drop of location at Hopkins main campus. We also let people pick up their bouquets at our studio.



Well, the CSA turned out to be SO MUCH FUN! Members were so excited to see what each new bouquet would include and we were excited to tell them all about the farms, farmers and flowers.

“ My wife and I were absolutely delighted with the flowers we received as part of the CSA this year!! We loved the variety of flowers and the arrangements you put together.”

                                                                    - Steve

“the csa was a bright spot in my summer!”



Since we liked it so much, we’re excited to announce that sign up is now open for the 2014 Local Flower CSA! If you sign up before the end of the year, you get a 10% discount (great holiday gift!). All the details can be found on our website.  We’ll be adding a couple new/fun features to the CSA this year. Each week we have a bouquet pick up, we’ll do a blog post about the bouquet, where the flowers came from, who grew them and more. Also, at the start of the season, we’ll offer a discounted design class for all CSA members to help them make the most of their bouquets throughout the season.  So much fun to look forward to!

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