Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Learning with Love ’n Fresh Flowers

On Sunday, I took a drive up to Philadelphia to visit my friend Jennie of Love ’n Fresh Flowers and attend a class at her farm. Despite the heat, I couldn’t wait to walk around and see everything. Some flowers were familiar, others I coveted (I cant lie) especially a bright red scabiosa that was to die for! What a beautiful farm Jennie has. You can tell that it was planted and is maintained with love and passion.



The class was called “Mastering the Wildflower Look”. After everyone arrived, Jennie took us on a tour of the farm explaining what it’s like to be a flower farmer/designer. I’m always inspired by farmers because I know how hard farming can be (heat, rain, bugs, wind, unpredictable circumstances) and that many people take for granted all of what farmers provide for us.


After the tour, Jennie demonstrated her design technique and then sent us off to make our own creations.

I enjoyed practicing my hand at a very wild style since we don’t use this style that often. My design included baptisia foliage, feverfew, coreopsis and those gorgeous red scabiosa in a little pizza sauce can.


I was happy to meet so many great people all of whom were excited about using locally grown flowers in their designs. I was also so happy to sit in the shade after the class and talk with my friend about business and strategy and technique and plans…it’s these talks that make me so grateful to be part of an amazing community of local growers and designers. I couldn’t do what  I do without them.

To see some more photos from the trip, check out our flickr page and Jennie’s blog about the day.

Looking forward to being able to return to Love ’n Fresh Flowers real soon!

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