Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Excitement! Joy! Local Flower CSA!

Last week was our first week of our local flower CSA! We made bunches for delivery to John's Hopkins University as well as for pick up at our studio.

Our first week’s bunches were filled with peonies, larkspur, sweet william, sunflowers and raspberry foliage. Each bunch included a tag explaining what farms the flowers came from and how to care for your flowers at home.

photo 1 (1)

It was great fun to meet so many new people and see so many old friends who came to pick up their bouquets! I could tell people were excited-one person even did a happy dance!

photo (5)

I especially loved so many people sharing photos with us of them enjoying their flowers. This was one of my favorites.

photo 3

There is still time to sign up for the local flower CSA. All you have to do is sign up on our website, pay $180 and you’re set to receive 9 beautiful bouquets over the next few months!

Our next pick up date is Wednesday June 19th! Hope to see you then!

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