Tuesday, August 7, 2012

June’s “You Deserve A Bouquet Today” Contest Winner: Grandma Barb

Local Color Flowers has been celebrating every day people in Baltimore for over a year with our “You Deserve A Bouquet Today” contest. Each month we accept nominations from folks who write a small explanation as to why their nominee should win. We have happy, sad, funny and just plain weird nominations. We love them all!

June’s nominees were no different. This month’s winner is Grandma Barb! Barb’s daughter Emily nominated her to win writing:

“I am nominating my mother, who really deserves a bouquet today! After working three days a week as a physical therapist, she spends her other two weekdays watching my 10 month old daughter so I can go to work. She is truly an all-star who keeps our family together. Please vote for Grandma Barb!”

barb levenson

Barb received a bouquet of locally grown sunflowers, lisianthus, lilies and asters from Farmhouse Flowers. From the picture, it looks like she liked them!

Congratulations to Grandma Barb! Thanks for being a super mom and grandmom!

Do you have someone you’d like to nominate to win free flowers? All you have to do is submit a short write up about why your nominee should win. We’ll post the submissions for voting and if your nominee has the most votes..they win!


  1. She is the best mom in the world to not only her kids, but anyone else who enters her life. We all love you so much.

  2. Ditto that Dan! B2

  3. Thanks for sharing all the love for Barb! So glad we could celebrate her with flowers!