Monday, August 6, 2012

Grubwithus in Baltimore

Grubwithus LogoI’ve been listening to a fantastic podcast for the past year called Mixergy. Host Andrew Warner interviews entrepreneurs about their start-ups in an in depth and totally useful way. I’ve heard loads of awesome interviews on there but one of my favorite was with the founder of Grubwithus, Eddy Lu.

Lu tells the story of how he went from owning several Beard Papa franchises (super delish cream puffs from japan that landed in California) to starting Grubwithus. Grubwithus is a social media company that helps put together meals between strangers who might have something in common.  The way it works is you go to the website and search for your city. You can then see when meals are being offered (Chicago Sushi Lovers, San Francisco Singles, Baseball and Chat) and sign up. You meet at the designated restaurant, eat a delish meal and chit chat. Has anyone reading gone to a “grub” before?

The idea was brilliant to me. I immediately signed up (it’s free) but noticed that there were no meals scheduled for Baltimore. (figures!). You can start your own meal if you want. You just need 4 people to sign up and then it’s a go. I was going to make a meal…but then I saw that the Baltimore Entrepreneurs group is having their first “grub” in few weeks!! Hooray! I signed-up. I haven’t been told the location yet because they need a few more people to sign up first. So…I’m calling out to all Baltimore entrepreneurs. This is a cool way to share a meal and make connections with other folks like you here in Baltimore. Spread the word!

I’m going! Are you?

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