Sunday, October 3, 2010

Remembering Baltimore Master Gardener Paulette Kirkpatrick

On Tuesday night, Baltimore Master Gardeners joined friends and family of Paulette and Bob Kirkpatrick to remember this wonderful couple who was tragically killed in a car accident in February 2009.

Paulette was the President of the Baltimore Master Gardeners when I started my Master Gardening training in 2004. She was passionate about gardening and excited to get people involved in the Master Gardening program.  She was also fun loving and full of life. She had an infectious laugh that I’ll always remember.

I got to know Paulette more when we started the Master Gardening bookclub. Every month for several years, we would get together monthly and eat, drink wine and discuss some of the best gardening/nature/environmental books I’ve ever read.

MG Bookclub 1 Bookclub! Paulette is on the left with a red sweater wrapped around her.

Having bookclub at Paulette’s was always a treat! I used to love walking around Paulette’s amazing garden hearing about the plethora of flowers, woodies, herbs and more. She would always have, beautiful, natural arrangements inside with clippings from her yard. It was here that I first saw hosta leaves used in a cut flower arrangement. It was so simple and beautiful.

Going to Paulette’s also meant a delish dinner cooked by Bob (Paulette always said that when she retired-she also retired from cooking!) and delish baked treats that Paulette would make. May favorite were these biscuits…oh those biscuits.

After bookclub, Bob would always take us down to the basement to show off his most recent paintings. Bob was realizing his dream of becoming a professional painter.

On Tuesday night, the Master Gardeners fittingly dedicated a small garden and bench to Paulette at Cylburn Arboretum.  As Al DeGray said, this is a special place that will always remind us of  the friendship we shared with both Bob and Paulette. They are definitely missed by everyone.


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