Friday, October 29, 2010

October 23: A Sneak Peak at the Flowers

Here in Maryland, the first frost of the season means the end of the year for many cut flowers in our area.  As of today however, October 29th, lots of growers are still saying NO FROST!

The great weather week meant a plethora of beautiful flowers for the 4 weddings we did this past weekend.

The first wedding was a DIY wedding for a great couple who lives up nears Kingsville, Maryland. Jay and Kellie picked up locally grown, cut flowers, in buckets of water, that they and their friends would arrange themselves. Using LoCoFlo as a source for their flowers, meant that they could pick their colors (dark red, oranges, greens, browns) and style (branches, berries, peppers, cut flowers and foliage) and let us go to the growers and pick out the best, prettiest things for them. I can't wait to see what they created!

Our second wedding of the weekend was a small wedding for a lovely bride and groom.Vangie's bouquets were full of dahlias, amaranthus, mint and eucalyptus. They smelled awesome!


Renee and Steve's wedding started out as a DIY wedding. The plan was that we would bring the flowers to the bride and her friends and they would make all of the arrangements. We would stay on to "consult" while they were working. While I love this option and think it's tons of fun, the bride ultimately wanted a little less on her plate the day before her wedding. The bouquets were full of...guess what...dahlias! Deep purple, orange, white and green. Perfect for a sunny fall day.


Katie and Tom's wedding took place at the Elkridge Furnace Inn. The girls bouquets and centerpieces were extra special because they included fresh magnolia leaves and dried crepe myrtle from the bride's mom's garden all the way from Georgia!


IMG_1668IMG_1673   We did some other great pieces for friends this weekend too!


As a fitting end to our busy season, Jen, Marina and I all got to work together for the day. We had a great time, cracking up laughing, make bright, beautiful arrangements and planning for the year ahead.

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  1. Everything looks BEAUTIFUL! Wish I had been there cracking up with you guys.