Friday, October 15, 2010

Real Weddings: Trish and Nick

LoCoFlo brides are not your average brides. They are creative. They think outside of the box. They love nature. They love to personalize their weddings. No generic, run of the mill weddings here.

When I met Trish, I knew I was going to enjoy working with her. She let me know that her and her fiancĂ© Nick were going to get married at ThorpeWood in the Catoctin Mountains (about 75 minutes from Baltimore).  This was a perfect setting for this nature loving, animal loving, bike riding couple.

At our first meeting, Trish told me that she and Nick wanted to incorporate bike cogs into her bouquet and his boutonniere. She also told me that the centerpieces would be made out of large bike cogs-all of which Nick would send me from the bike shop where he worked. Now, I can’t say I knew what a bike cog was at first. Trish showed me some pictures and I assured her we could make it happen.

We used shot glasses for the “vase” in the center of this bike cog centerpiece and filled them with all kinds of herbs (basil and rosemary here).


The boutonnieres turned out great too! I was a little worried about how heavy they would be, how I would get them to stay on-but they turned out better than I could have imagined.


0057 And then, there was the bouquet. Jen and I agreed, this bouquet was one of the most fun, most beautiful bouquets we ever made!

It was full of eucalyptus, dahlias, snap dragons, herbs, millet, statice and curly willow.


Can you see one of the cogs sticking out under one of the dried lotus pods?


We also attached one to the handle of the bouquet!


Thanks to our growers who provided these beautiful flowers and herbs including Belvedere Farm, Pahl’s Farm, Locust Point Flowers and Talmar. Special thanks to Brian Slanger for these beautiful photos!

Special thanks and congratulations to Trish and Nick! Thank you for letting LoCoFlo be a part of your special day! We loved it!


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