Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weekend 06-19-10: A Sneak Peak at the Flowers

Last weekend was BUSY! We had a two wonderful weddings and then made some great summer arrangements for our friends at Jordan Faye Contemporary and BE.

Here’s a look at some of what we made last weekend.

IMG_0925 Centerpieces for a wedding in Fells Point at Meli made up of Annabelle Hydrangeas, lilies, campanula, dahlias, butterfly weed, lavender and Mountain Mint.

IMG_0923 Arrangements for Jordan Faye Contemporary and BE made up of beautiful summer flowers including sunflowers, callas, bells of Ireland, dahlias, feverfew, yarrow and mountain mint.


Vegan cake made by Sticky Fingers decorated with dahlias, callas, yarrow, sunflowers, feverfew and bells of Ireland.

IMG_0934 Big, beautiful arrangement full of hydrangeas, sunflowers, campanula, bells of Ireland, dahlias, yarrow and crazy white veronica sticking out the top! I love these!

IMG_0936 One of my fave centerpieces full of hydrangeas, snaps, dahlias, yarrow, feverfew, Queen Anne’s Lace, mountain mint and rose scented geranium.

Thanks to Belvedere Farm, Bridge Farm Nursery, Locust Point Flowers, Talmar and Wollam Gardens for these awesome flowers.

Thanks to Jen, Marina and Tiffany for all of your design/delivery help last weekend!

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