Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black Ankle Vineyard Photo Shoot: Part 1: Before the Dress!

A few months ago Nathaniel and Rissa from Balance Photography invited LoCoFlo to be part of a photo shoot to document the amazing recycling, re-tooling and remaking of a 80’s wedding dress. The object, was to demonstrate that green weddings don’t have to be crunchy, hippy, informal type of events. They CAN be…but they can also be amazingly elegant, modern and luxurious!

Of course, I jumped at the chance to be part of this event! Photo shoot at one of the most beautiful spots in Maryland-Black Ankle Vineyard…photos by ridiculously talented photographers-Balance Photography…and getting to showcase Maryland grown flowers…it was perfect!

So…here are the first batch of MY pictures from the shoot.


After several days of of 100 degree weather, today was perfect. 70 degrees and sunny at Black Ankle Vineyard this morning when I arrived for the shoot.


Jen and I made three bouquets-because we weren’t sure which would look best with the dress. One was mostly white with splashes of purple. The one in the center was all white. The third one was mostly purple with splashes of white. We loved all of them-but wanted to leave it up to the photographers once they tried them with the dress.


The flowers came from Locust Point Flowers, Belvedere Farm and Talmar.


Here’s the chosen bouquet with an arrangement that I made for the folks at Black Ankle.

Stay tuned for more! The model…the dress… and all of the other great folks I met at the shoot!

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