Thursday, June 10, 2010

Love of Summer Markets

Yarrow Sometimes "Buying Local” is super easy. You roll out of bed on Saturday morning, head to your favorite neighborhood farmer’s market, fill up on goodies and return home in under an hour.

For LoCoFlo, the logistics of buying locally vary with the season. In the winter and early spring we primarily buy from Farmhouse Flowers and Wollam Gardens. These two farms, in Brookeville Maryland and Jeffersonton Virginia, respectively, are some of the only local growers growing in heated greenhouses. Luckily they are fabulous farms with loads of variety in the late winter and early spring. (I LOVE THEM!) I also often buy from Van Dyke Brothers Farm in Southern New Jersey when it’s cold because they grow TONS of tulips in greenhouses.

Little by little though, as the weather gets warmer in late spring, I’m able to use some of the more local of the local growers.  It still means  have to drive to Fallston or Cockeysville-but it’s not nearly as…time consuming…as driving to Montgomery County and then straight to the Penn Quarter Market in DC.

But once June hits…I’m psyched!

Last week the Tuesday night market in Lauraville started. It’s a great little market that feels more like a block party with your old friends and neighbors than a farmer’s market. The best part about it is that John and Debbie McKeown of Locust Point Flowers are there! YAY! Tuesday night flower pick up less than 3 miles from my house!

John and Debbie at Lauraville

This week marks the start of the Wednesday market at the Mount Washington Whole Foods. Best part of this market…Bill Harlan and Belvedere Farm is there! YAY! Wednesday night flower pick up less than 3 miles from my house!

DSC_0501 Bells of Ireland from Belvedere Farm

The list goes on! Locust Point Flowers at the Thursday morning market in Towson and the Saturday market in Towson , Talmar and Pahl’s Farm at the new Wednesday market at Timonium

Like I said…my flower life gets so much easier (and busier) between June and October. It’s awesome!

Please go out and support these farms and farmers. Find a market close to you and treat yourself to beautiful, locally grown cut flowers! Do it!

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