Thursday, August 22, 2013

Butterbee Farm Needs Your Help

Our friends at Butterbee Farm are expanding! Many of you may be familiar with Laura Beth and Butterbee Farm. They are located right here in Baltimore and they have been providing us with beautiful flowers all season.

The bees!

During their first year of production, Butterbee Farm has been leasing space from Whitelock Community Farm in Reservoir Hill. While they love being part of the Whitelock Community, the amount of space they have to grow on is really small.  After much searching, Butterbee Farm has found a new home in Baltimore County. The space is sunny, has great soil, great drainage and a good spirit.

To help them expand, Butterbee Farm is embarking on a crowd funding campaign.  Here is a list of some of the items they need:

    • a tool shed: $1,000
    • a deer fence (deer pressure in the area is pretty intense): $1000
    • basic tools like hoes/a precision seeder/harvesting knives: $1,000
    • soil amendments, compost, and initial tillage: $2,000
    • Water meter accessibility and drip irrigation (the most sustainable kind of irrigation): $2,000.
    • Potting soil and seeds: $2,000
    • Labor: $1,000
    • Liability insurance and LLC status: $1,000

As an entrepreneur whose business depends on flower farmers, I’m proud to be able to help support Butterbee Farm in their expansion. If you are an entrepreneur, a farmer, a lover of flowers or just a generous friend, please consider contributing to Butterbee Farm’s campaign.  They have some great gifts for your contribution including design classes with Local Color Flowers! Spread the love! Support local farmers!

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