Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Packing. Working. Moving.

This is a crazy week! We are packing up the shed. The shed affectionately got it’s nickname from our friend Emily, who, when she visited for the first time said “I didn’t know you worked in a shed”. 

We’ve been in our Hampden studio for two years now. When we moved in it seemed so glorious. So much room! A private entrance! A bigger cooler! Close to home! And if I’m being honest, the shed had been mostly good to us. We’ve done over 125 weddings in there. It never lost power, even during “Derecho” when our cooler was filled with hundreds of hydrangeas and it was over 100 degrees out. And we’ve become a part of a funny little community of artisans that work in adjacent “sheds”.

ellen 1


But we’ve out grown the space. I mean…we’re busting at the seams. So it’s time to go. Eric has been packing and moving and packing and moving. Tomorrow we’ll do our last event in the space. Then…

We’re off to Charles Village!

Things at our new studio are …still a work in progress. In fact, painting just started today!


But we’re going! This Saturday’s wedding will be the first in the new space. I’m looking forward to a little kitchen, and a big cooler, and heat and AC! Soon…

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