Thursday, November 8, 2012

LoCoFlo Swag Courtesy Of CommonSEED-press

I absolutely love our new LoCoFlo tees and hoodies! I’ve been wanting them for sooo long and now…here they are!


Each tee and hoody has a different flower from our logo on the front.


They’re awesome!

I first met Michael Clark of CommonSEED-press at a Chesapeake Sustainable Business Alliance meeting a few years ago. Michael was passionate about his work as a small, sustainable print shop. CommonSEED-press is located here in Baltimore and is committed to using water-based ink and organic cotton to produce a truly sustainable product. They’ve worked on apparel for some great local businesses including Hamilton Tavern and Woodberry Kitchen.

As happens with a lot of things, tee shirts and hoodies were something I wanted, but spending the time to design/create them always got pushed to the bottom of my list. A few weeks ago, for my 40th birthday, Eric showed up at the studio with boxes of LoCoFlo tee-shirts and sweathshirts!  He had worked with Michael and CommonSeed-press to create great looking, comfortable, sustainable apparel that we can wear at work, on deliveries and for fun.

I love them-and if you’ve seen me in the last few weeks, you’ll notice that my LoCoFlo hoody has become my favorite article of clothing!

Now that we’ve started, we’re hoping to have LoCoFlo “stuff” available for sale in the near future. Stay tuned for availability and options.

Special thanks to CommonSEED-press for their great work!


  1. Michael has made our posters every year, he is a joy to work with, and produces beautiful things!

  2. michael prints my charm city cook totebags! he's also a friends school alum! great guy.

  3. does that mean ameri-core hoodie ket together with safety pins is retired? love the new logo wear!

  4. Marina, this made me laugh out loud and almost brought me to tears too! You know me so well! I haven't abandoned my americorps sweatshirt, but I have literally worn this sweatshirt every day since my birthday! Missing you!!

    1. Love that there is a new sweatshirt in your life!
      Just breaazed through the pictures for thanksgiving to check in on this post, they look great!

  5. Dru and Amy!! I love that all my peeps use CommonSEED-press too! Way to go Michael!! You have a fan club!!

  6. Carling did mock ups of all the offerings! she's awesome! I'm happy there is a new sweatshirt in my life too! let me know if you want a pullover or zip up! founding members get free swag!!