Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Local Color Flowers WINS the Awesomest Booth Contest at borrowed!

So…in case you missed it…Local Color Flowers was part of a super great, creative wedding show extravaganza on April 1. Not only did we have a ton of fun meeting so many great people, we WON the Awesomest Booth Contest.

"We're so delighted to announce that the attendees at borrowed on April 1st have chosen Local Color Flowers as the winner of the Awesomest Booth Contest! As the winner, Local Color Flowers will receive a free booth at the next borrowed event of their choice. Ellen & her team put together a stunning, cohesive display that was true to their brand, featuring their new birch pole chuppah and a variety of local, seasonal blooms."

-Natalie Fava, organizer of borrowed

Unlike other shows, where the planners give you a table, chairs and pipe and drape dividers, the folks at borrowed gave us…nothing…except a taped off spot on the floor.  The idea was to make the space a creative and unique as possible. (oh yeah…and we won!)

Carling and Jen and I have a great planning meeting a few weeks before the event. Our only jumping off points were “something that looked like a barn/farm” and Eric’s idea of having “I Do” statements.

Since our space was really small, we decided to set up our new, improved, birch pole chuppah and decorate it with flowers and antiquey signs. We didn’t really have room for a standard table so we made a custom table that would have holes in it for our chuppah poles. Carling made the antique signs which looked great and were an easy, visual way to tell people who we were.


Once we had all the pieces, Eric and I did a dry run of everything. We loved it!


Our final display was filled with beautiful local flowers, flowering branches, herbs, succulents and more. We hung most of the arrangements because of the limited space…it looked (and smelled) awesome!



Thanks to everyone who helped make our booth so fabulous including all the growers and the LoCoFlo team!

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