Thursday, April 5, 2012

February’s “You Deserve A Bouquet Today” Winner: Ms. Juanita

Ms. Juanita wasn’t prepared to have her picture taken when she received her flowers today.


She was busy getting her ailing husband, Mr. Harold, ready for the doctor. Even though you don’t have a picture of her, you can get a sense of her from what her neighbor Tiffany wrote about her for her nomination:

Ms. Juanita is the block leader and overall neighborhood advocate of our community. She ensures kids in the community have school supplies, participate in summer camp and other resources. Currently she is caring for her ailing husband. Ms. Juanita is simply a generous soul who never complains.

photo (3)

I might add my own impression of Ms. Juanita. When I arrived at Ms. Juanita’s home in Reservoir Hill, she graciously invited me in and excitedly hugged me and excepted her gift. She told me, and Mr. Harold conferred, that when she woke up that morning she said that it was going to be a good day. She was touched that her neighbor and friend nominated her for the contest.

After thanking me profusely, Ms. Juanita walked me to the door and told me that God puts people in our lives at the right time for a reason. She let me know that she had a sick friend that she wanted to send flowers to but wasn’t sure who to call about it. She hoped that she could call me and I could deliver flowers to her friend.

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This is exactly why Ms. Juanita won this month’s bouquet. Even as we were trying to celebrate her, and her contribution to Reservoir Hill, she was thinking of someone that she could help-someone that would be cheered with a bouquet of flowers.

Thank you Ms. Juanita for all you do to make people’s lives more joyful. We celebrate you today!

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  1. Wow, those were wonderful words of inspiration to my mother from her community. I pray to oneday get to know this person mentioned and if not this was good enough.

    Mom, loved to have read the expressed words about my you. It's so significant to have these types of people in your life when you are going through life's turbulances. I am learning according to the "word" that tribulations brings on perseverance, perseverance brings on character and character brings on hope. Mom, I do pray and hope that your are strengthened through this humble experience with your husband. May heaven shine upon you and Mr. Harold and may he have peace within.