Sunday, March 11, 2012

Grow. Bloom. Tea.

Last weekend I headed down to DC to do a design demonstration and presentation as part of the Spring fundraiser for FRESHFARM Markets.  I first stopped over at the Dupont Circle farmer’s market to pick up flowers from Farmhouse Flowers. Dave Dowling, owner of Farmhouse Flowers had invited me to participate in the fundraiser and was donating all the flowers for my designs.


I arrived at the Embassy Circle Guest House ready to make some beautiful Spring arrangements. If you haven’t heard of the Embassy Circle Guest …you HAVE to check it out! It was just voted one of the 10 Best Urban B and B’s and for good reason. This house is gorgeous and the owners, Raymond and Laura, are a joy. I couldn’t have asked for a better spot to spend the afternoon.

People arrived to the Tea ready for snacks, sangria (I didn’t actually see anyone drinking tea!) and flower talk!  Dave Dowling gave a great presentation about his farm, what he grows throughout the year and how and why you should buy local flowers.


After Dave’s talk I gave a brief presentation about Local Color tea 3Flowers and how to use locally grown flowers to make simple, beautiful flower arrangements. We then moved to the fabulously spacious kitchen for a design demonstration. It was a lot of fun showing off Dave’s beautiful flowers and my designs to such an interested, enthusiastic crowd.

I was really honored to be a part of this event. I know what a big role farmer’s markets play in my life and the lives of our growers and clients. Congratulations to FRESHFARMS markets on a great event!


  1. Amazing post! I initially found your blog a week or so ago, and I want to subscribe to your RSS feed.

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  2. Hi James! Thanks for your note and your interest in subscribing to the blog. Hope that you continue to enjoy reading our posts!