Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Designer/Grower Extravaganza

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of hosting some of my favorite grower/designer friends for a “lunch and learn”.  Jennie Love of Love ‘n Fresh Flowers, Kathy York of Scarborough Farm and WenFei Uva of Seaberry Farm made their way to Baltimore where we ATE alot of yummy food (including homemade Beach Plum and Peach jam from Seaberry Farm) and talked about all things FLOWER related. 

The topics included:

  • Record keeping and use of Quickbooks (at one point everyone had laptops open and quickbooks was quite funny and totally helpful!)
  • How to make a fabulous wrist corsage
  • Best practices for photographing flowers
  • Health insurance and other legal “stuff”
  • Woody branches and how to design with them
  • New varieties folks were planting
  • Delivery and packing methods

It started at 10 and ended at 6pm but honestly could have gone on another few hours!

Check out all the beautiful branches WenFei brought me!

kathy york Jennie is showing us her technique for making fabulous wrist corsages.

IMG_4008 I wish these ladies didn’t live so far away! (Philly, Federalsburg, St Mary’s County) It was so …invigorating to be with these talented women who do the same thing I  do, have the same challenges I do and are also totally committed to local growing and designing.  Looking forward to making this pow wow an annual event!

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