Monday, February 13, 2012

Why I Deliver My Own Flowers

I was in the elevator today at Johns Hopkins delivering Valentine’s Day flowers. A guy was in the elevator with me noticed the (super pretty) flowers and started asking me about them. How much did they cost? What was the vase made out of ? I started in on my “elevator speech” (IN AN ELEVATOR!). I said that the flowers were grown locally on Maryland flower farms. I explained how I go out each week and pick up flowers from the farm…it was then that he stopped me. “This is your business?” “Yes” I said (proudly). “And you don’t have a delivery person?”. ..And then the elevator opened and he was gone.


Of course we do have some GREAT delivery helpers, but for the most part, I do all of the everyday deliveries myself. One of the big reasons I do this work is to make connections with people. I love arriving at someone’s front door and seeing the joy in their face when the receive the flowers. I love telling them what’s in the arrangements (today there were tulips, lilies, white forsythia, cornel dogwood and eucalyptus) and where the flowers came from (today they came from Farmhouse Flowers, Plant Masters, Seaberry Farm and Van Dyke Tulips). I love hearing about their sons, friends, wives and loved ones that sent them the flowers.

I can’t lie. I get a little teary at most deliveries. Is that weird? It hasn’t worn off yet after four years. I still LOVE  it.


  1. Love that your LOVE what you do! keep up the beautiful work Ellen!

  2. Felicity C Weddings LLCFebruary 14, 2012 at 12:45 PM

    Love that you LOVE what you do! keep up the beautiful work Ellen!

  3. Thanks Felicity! I'm looking forward to working with you again soon! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Dear Ellen,
    This is why we <3 you! Everyone should enjoy (and take as much pride in) their work as you do.

    - Josh and Annie

  5. Thanks Josh and Annie! You guys are pretty great yourselves! Thanks for your continued support of LoCoFlo! hope you're both doing well!