Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter in Maryland and Flowers are Blooming!

It’s freezing here today. It was 13 degrees when I left the house this morning to go pick up flowers.  Everything along my drive was grey and dreary.

IMG_3709 IMG_3718 Despite the cold, some of our regular growers were busy at work.

At Plant Masters, Leon showed me some of the succulents he has growing that we at Local Color Flowers will  use for bouquets/boutonnieres and centerpieces this year.

IMG_3716 I also got a glimpse of the daffodils and hyacinths that we’ll be using for our Spring weddings this year.


I was excited to pick up some beautiful quince from Leon too! They are going to be great for this weekends arrangements.

IMG_3727 Next stop was Farmhouse Flowers for tulips, loads of lilies and some pretty calla lily leaves. Even in the greenhouse, Dave was bundled up picking the tulips!

IMG_3722Lilies are a staple for Farmhouse Flowers in the winter. There are so many beautiful varieties. These were as tall as me! 

IMG_3721I also picked up some pretty potted cyclamen. Potted cyclamen are great to have at home in the winter to add a little bit of natural color to your days.


I’m really grateful to the growers that work hard despite the cold temperatures to bring us these beautiful jewels. It’s really wonderful to live in a place where local flowers are available year round. So while I’ve got Spring in the back of my mind, I’m enjoying what Winter in Maryland has to offer.

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