Monday, December 19, 2011

Spreading the Love at Career Day at Patterson Park Public Charter School

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at Patterson Park Public Charter School’s Career Day. When Megan, one of the school’s teachers (and one of LoCoFlo’s awesome brides!) invited me to come, I was excited-but nervous! I love kids…I just don’t have a lot of experience talking to them-especially about work.

When I arrived, I was excited and energized to see all of the diverse Career Day speakers. Doctors, boat builders, photographers, policemen, firemen and I think…Miss Maryland (just to name a few!)

My schedule had me talking to 3 classes-2nd, 3rd and 4th grades. I was advised to make the presentation as “hands on” as possible. I took the advice to heart and brought a load of props including photo albums, roles of ribbon, vases and of course,  a sampling of the flowers that are available in December in Maryland.

The kids were AWESOME! They were super prepared with questions like: What is the best part of your job? How did you choose your profession? What skills do you need to do your job well? They also loved seeing the photos of our past work (as evidenced by the OOOOHing and AAAAHing).


I think the highlight for everyone (except maybe the teachers) was passing around and touching the flowers, branches and foliage. There were flowers with scents like lilies, tuberose, eucalyptus and spruce (which one of the kids smelled like chicken). There were flowers that felt cool-pussy willows, magnolia leaves and dried tiger grass. And there were things that were just plain weird like the fantail willow.


Overall, I thought Career Day was awesome! Patterson Park Public Charter Schools seems like an amazing school where kids are encouraged to dream big and work hard. I was inspired by their attitude and enthusiasm. I couldn’t help thinking about what great LoCoFlo helpers they could grow up to be.

My friend Megan emailed me after the day was over. She said everything had gone well and lots of the kids in Miss Huber’s third grade were excited to be florists. Woo hoo! What better compliment could there be! 


  1. florists, and farmers who grow those flowers too?!

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