Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Local Wreath Making in Maryland and Virginia

Last week I took a couple of road trips to some of my favorite farms to learn how to make holiday wreaths.

Dave Dowling of Farmhouse Flowers showed me the basic technique for creating green wreath bases. We went out and walked around the farm picking boxwood, leland cyprus, holly and some  pretty spruce.

We started by clamping bunches of greens on to a metal wreath base using a wreath making “clamper”. It took me a little while to get the hang of it. It wasn’t hard, but you had to make sure your bunches were the same size each time so the wreath didn’t look uneven and weird.

Once we had the base done, we added some dried flowers, pine cones and berries.


IMG_3585  IMG_3587 

At LynnVale Farm, I learned the art of decorating “fancy” wreaths. These wreaths were no joke! They were so beautiful and filled with all sorts of goodies.

We used winterberry, pine cones, ornamental peppers, apples, dusty miller, dried flowers and more! 

andrea's wreath

I was totally inspired by first attempt at wreath making. I’m excited to try some next year. I’m thinking some B-more themed designs as well as some “fancy” wreaths with treats from the Sunday market. Can’t wait!

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