Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flowers of the Month Club: The Best of Maryland Throughout the Year

Hencken599This year, we started doing weekly flowers for a couple of small businesses here in Baltimore. It’s been a lot of fun showcasing the changing seasonal flowers week to week. The best part of using local flowers, is seeing the seasons change through the flowers that are available. It was this experience, that inspired me to start a “Flowers of the Month” club.

This monthly offering will showcase the freshest, seasonal flowers available in Maryland and Virginia.  Once a month, Local Color IMG_3395Flowers will deliver a flower arrangement to you filled with flowers, herbs, branches, foliage and other natural goodies available that month. Along with your flowers, you’ll receive a list of flowers that are in that month’s arrangement along with stories and photos from the farms that grew your flowers.

Three plans will be available:

  • The Full Monty: Arrangements will be delivered once a month for 12 months allowing you to enjoy the year round natural beauty available in Maryland. ($35 or $50 options available)
  • The Height of the Season: Arrangements will be delivered once a month May-October during the height of the growing season in Maryland. ($35 or $50 options available)
  • Custom: Choose at least three consecutive months for your monthly delivery. This is a great way to customize your delivery based on your favorite season, or as a birthday, anniversary or holiday gift.

This is a great treat for anyone who loves flowers and wants to experience the full bounty that our beautiful region has to offer. Buy Local this holiday season!

For more information, email Ellen at ellen@locoflo.com

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