Wednesday, September 14, 2011

“You Deserve A Bouquet Today” August Winner: Miss Jenny

When I came up with the idea for the Local Color Flowers “You Deserve A Bouquet Today” contest, I had winners like Miss Jenny in mind. Miss Jenny was nominated for the contest by one of her neighbors. The nomination read:

"Miss Jenny" has been taking care of her husband, Mr. Ed, for decades. He is wheel-chair bound and recently had a stroke and some other medical complications. Miss Jenny collects all the UPS and Fed ex packages for the block and always knows what's going on. Would be great to give her this bouquet!”

It was a great write up-heartfelt, sincere and sweet. It wasn’t until voting started that I realized how much Miss Jenny’s neighbors really loved her-she got over 1000 votes on the first day!


After voting ended, Miss Jenny was the clear winner! Her neighbors  excitedly wrote to me saying

“ If there is one thing I want to emphasize, it's that our whole block came together to vote for Miss Jenny (and some people who live on nearby streets) to win the flowers. We all truly appreciate and care about her very much and wanted her to win these beautiful flowers.”

Check out the video of our delivery! It was AWESOME!

Miss Jenny was truly surprised and excited! She invited us in and told us as one of the older homeowners on the block, she enjoyed looking out for her younger neighbors. Miss Jenny’s husband Mr. Ed was excited too! He let me know that he thought it was great that Miss Jenny won and thought she definitely deserved to win the flowers.

Presenting this beautiful bouquet of flowers to Miss Jenny on behalf of her neighbors and on behalf of Local Color Flowers was a truly joyful moment for me.  I’m grateful to own a business that can make people happy!

If you have a nominee for this month’s You Deserve A Bouquet Contest, submit your write up on our website.  You too could be a winner!


  1. Ellen, Thank you again so very much for the opportunity to brighten Miss Jenny's day. She was truly beyond thrilled to receive the flowers. I agree that you have a wonderful job to be able to bring happiness to people every day.

  2. This looks great!! I am one of Miss Jenny's neighbors and she really is the most deserving of this prize. I also want to give JWILL32 a shout out for informing us about this opportunity to honor Miss Jenny and let her know how much she means to all of us in the neighborhood. Thanks Jenn! and thank you Ellen!

  3. I love this! how awesome to do this for her!

  4. I was only at Tim and Sharon's for a week while they were out of town, but I met and talked with Miss Jenny my first day there. What a lovely sweet lady she is. I am thrilled to see her happiness at receiving this beautiful bouquet of flowers. Miss Jenny, you rock!
    Dee Powers, Sharon's Mom