Sunday, August 7, 2011

Local Flowers for Sunday Services in Mt Washington

IMG_2992 A few weeks ago,  I met with Mother Lori Babcock, Rector of St John’s Episcopal Church in Mount Washington to talk about flowers for the alter at the Church.  Mother Lori was excited about the possibility of using locally grown, seasonal flowers for the alter as a way to bring a bit of nature inside the church. She also told me of the church’s desire to be more energy efficient and support small, local businesses.  Finally, she explained that the beautiful sunflowers out front were a way to connect to a small farming village in Africa that some of her parishioners travel to each year to volunteer.

I left the meeting excited to share my first arrangements with the congregation. They sounded like a great congregation that cared about their community and the environment.

The alter at St. John’s has beautiful dark wood that would overpower anything in dark colors. I wanted to use bright, summer colors that would shine in front of the dark wood. I chose limelight hydrangeas, yellowish/green gladiolas, deep brown millet, beautiful cream and pink lilies, fuchsia celosia and zinnias and a few creamy/purple calla lilies from this weekends wedding.



Thanks to our growers! The calla lilies came from Plant Masters this week while the other flowers came from Locust Point Flowers.  Hope everyone enjoyed them this morning!

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