Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Book Review: The Nature Principle

nature-principle-cover-lrg Like many of you, I grew up in a city. In fact, I’ve lived in cities my whole life: Buffalo, San Jose, San Francisco and Baltimore. I’m pretty sure I have suffered from what author Richard Louv had termed “Nature Deficit Disorder”.  Nature Deficit Disorder is described as a lack of routine contact with nature. Louv argues that this disconnection from nature has alls sorts of negative consequences on us. For many of us, it manifests itself in a desire to get reconnected with nature-even in small ways-like planting a small garden or taking a walk outside.

In the Nature Principle, Louv makes a strong case that a connection with nature  (and all the plants and animals and creepy crawlies that live in it) is necessary for us to survive. It’s something deep in our psyche that we may not be able to explain-but we feel it. He also explains all of the great mental, physical and emotional benefits to spending time in nature.

I have thought for a while that this inherent desire to reconnect to nature is part of the  reason I started Local Color Flowers. There were lots of small steps along the way including planting a garden and working on a farm that got me started along the path.  Starting a business that allowed me to visit farms regularly, grow and pick flowers and share them with other people has been amazing. I also believe (and have been told this by clients) that this feeling is one of the reasons people want to work with us. People want to know where their flowers come from. They want to see pictures of the farms. They want to go to the farms. They want to connect with nature.

I loved reading the Nature Principle and would definitely recommend it. It was inspirational reading about the stories about how nature can positively influence our lives. It was also motivational because it reminded me that connection with nature does not have to be a 2 week camping trip at a National Park (although it could be). Reconnecting with nature can be as easy as going for a walk in the park or checking out all of what’s going on in my compost or gardening or picking flowers. Take some time today to get reconnected.

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